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The contract signed by Galictio in Uruguay is about to end. The company is currently finishing the construction of the third of its vessels, which was contracted for the national shipping company Montes de Plata. The vessel has already reached 90% of its completion, and works are currently being sped up in order to launch the vessel on the coming 26th, as estimated by the company.
As with the two previous vessels that form part of the assignment, it will be delivered to the shipowner within two weeks after its baptism at sea. The shipowner will therefore be able to put the vessel to use by mid March.
The commissioning of the vessel will complete the contract signed in the summer of 2011. The task, by which Galictio first entered the Latin American market, helped to find occupational alternatives in parallel to the decreasing number of assignments in the region’s shipbuilding sector.
The vessels, destined to the shipping of lumber, are 100 mt in length, 16 mt in beam and have a loading capacity of 15,000 tonnes.
After nearly three years of developing the assignment, the intention of Galictio -now participated wholly by Indasa- is to remain in the country, for which it is looking for new possible assignments with which to continue taking part in the Uruguayan shipbuilding sector.
In this sense, Galictio is waiting for the decision of three bidding processes, some of which may be awarded soon. There are however no guarantees of more work in Uruguay.

Operator training

Besides its shipbuilding activities within the country, Galictio has also carried out work in personnel qualification; due to the commitments acquired by Galictio in Uruguay, the assignment required transferring technologies and operator training for the construction of the vessels.