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The Galictio Consortium, comprised by several auxiliary shipbuilding companies from the region of Ferrol, is reaching the final months of its work in Uruguay, where it received the assignment to build three barges for the Montes de Plata shipping company. The first two vessels are already delivered and the construction of the third and final vessel is now under way.
A total of twelve blocks have already been placed on the Polo Naval factory slipway, where works are being carried out on the construction of the barge. According to estimates made by the industrial consortium, the execution process will be completed this very year. According to expectations, it will be delivered to the shipowner by the end of the business year.
Although the closure of Tecnymo, one of Galictio’s industrial partners, led to consider the possibility that the works in Uruguay might be affected, there was eventually no impact on the project, which continues to be developed as planned and creates jobs for approximately 70 people.
At the same time, Galictio continues to look for new assignments within the country, which would allow it to continue its growth in the shipbuilding sector.