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The Port of Montevideo will allocate one million Euro to the construction of the vessel.

The goal was to continue working in the Uruguayan shipbuilding sector after concluding the first contract and this goal has been accomplished. The Galictio company -which was initially created by four companies from the region through it is currently participated only by Indasa- has signed a new assignment to construct a multi-dredger, which will be operated by the Port Authority of Montevideo.
Galictio Tiferey -which is participated in 75% by Spanish capital and in 25% by Uruguayan capital- was awarded the tender offered by the maritime authority of the country’s capital city in order to acquire the necessary apparatus, which was budgeted at one million Euro. The company has already started the engineering work on the multi-dredger, which will be used by the port for carrying out diverse tasks within its waters.
The execution deadline for developing the project is nine months. If the company’s estimates are met, the engineering work will be completed within a month and a half and the construction of the multi-dredger will start next September. The vessel must be finished in February or March next year.
The construction works on the dredger will be carried out in the same small Uruguayan shipyard in which Galictio performed the construction of three barges for the Montes de Plata shipping company that were destined to the transport of lumber for the mentioned company.
The last of the three barges, christened Playa de las Cañas, was delivered recently and, just as the other two, is now operating for the shipowner.
Four of our employees are already undertaking the first preparation works for the new assignment of Galictio. However, as the project develops, the number of employees will increase by hiring personnel mainly from the host country, as was done in the previous assignment.